Notice of Race - Jabuka 08





Regatta JABUKA 2009. is organized by the Sailing Club Tijat under the authority of Croatian Sailing Federation and overall authority of the and the International Sailing Federation (ISAF).

International Racing Rules of Sailing ISAF 2009-2012 (RRS)
ISAF Offshore Special Regulations (2008-2009) Category 2 Races
Between the official times for sunset and sunrise the right of way rules of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (IRPCAS) shall replace the Rules of RRS Part 2.
Notice of Race.
Sailing Instructions.
Race rule 51 Movable ballast will not be applied to OPEN division.
Race Committee and Organizer notices  which will be posted at least  2 (two) hours before the start of the race. Notices may change Sailing instructions.

Monohull boats with length over all greater than 9.40 m (LOA) with inboard engine.
Division OPEN, according to length over all (LOA).
Divison ORC, Boats having a current and valid ORC club rating certificate for 2009. are eligible to compete in an additional ORC division, apart from main OPEN division.
Division IRC, Boats having a current and valid IRC rating certificate for 2009. are eligible to compete in an additional IRC division, apart from main OPEN division.
Not eligible - Boats with hiking trapezes, sliding platforms and platforms which are not part of hull construction.
Eligible are skippers and crews, members of their national sailing federations. Skippers must be members of national federation at least for two years. All crew members must be verified by their national sailing federations.
Length over all measurement (LOA):
The straight line measurement from the foremost part of the boat to the aftermost part of the boat, measured parallel to the centerline and to the design waterline. Integrally formed, molded, or welded components and appendages, such as bow pulpits, swim platforms, attachment structures for the propulsion systems, and structural rub rails installed by the builder are included in the length. Attached bowsprits, pulpits, boomkins (bumpkins), rudders, sails, outboard brackets, handles, railings, and other similar attached extensions are not included in the measurement.
Length over all is criteria for boat divisions, and LOA stated in IMS or IRC certificate is acceptable. Owner or skipper has to provide LOA in entry form and sign with respect to RRS 69.

Completed pre - entry forms available on  shall be received by website, e-mail, fax or personally in race office not later than 18:00 h WEDNSDAY 11.11.2009.
Entries shall be confirmed in regatta office personally by skipper no later than 17.00h  FRIDAY 13.11.2009.
Organizator reserves discretional right to refuse, accept or cancel any boat entry.

Entry fee is 200,00 kn per boat (open division) plus additional 100,00 kn for each crew member.
Sailboats who wish to participate aswell in other two divisions (ORC, IRC) need to participate additional 100,00 kn per each division.
Entry fee shall be paid till 17.00h  FRIDAY 13.11.2009. in the regatta office.
Regatta office will be located in J.K. Tijat office in Vodice port.

A: Vodice - O.Komorica- O.Jabuka – O.Blitvenica - Vodice
B: Vodice – O.Komorica- O.Jabuka- O.Mulo – Vodice
Each control point can be aswell finish of the race, depending on the weather conditions.
Length of the course: cca. 100 NM
Organizer reserves the right to change or shorten the course.

Thursday 12. november

- arrival of competitors
- traditionall welcome drink and unnoficial dinner at boat «Desto» located in Port of Vodice (18:00)

Friday 13. nevember

- arrival of competitors, registration in race office (till 17:00)
- safety equipment control
- Regatta start from 20:00 h +24h

Sunday 15. november

- Time limit 10:00 h
- prize giving ceremony 12:00.
Lunch – competitors and guests are invited 12:00

Skipper shall sign a statement to confirm fulfilling the requirements from:
ISAF Offshore Special Regulations (2008-2009) Category 2 Race
Organizers will check following equipment list prior to final entry confirmation (abstract from APPENDIX C Standard Inspection Card - ISAF Offshore Special Regulations):
-    Inboard engine
-    Spare navigational lights
-    Required number of flares etc.
-    Means of closing sea cocks and valves
-    Required number of fire extinguishers
-    Fuel sufficient to cruise 100 Nm
-    Water supply sufficient for all crew members for 2 days
-    First aid kit
-    Nautical charts
-    Radar reflector
-    Lifelines, harnesses for all crew members
-    Storm main sail (or sufficient number of reefs) and storm fore sail (storm jib , trial sail) if having non furling jib.
-    Fixed Radio VHF with working topmast antenna
-    Additional handheld VHF radio or spare antenna for fixed radio, ready for use
-    Horseshoe with floating rope and light
-    Rigging cutters
-    2 Flashlights + spare batteries and bulbs
-    Anchors (main and spare) together with a suitable combination of chain and rope, all ready for immediate use
-    Manual bilge pump

Race Committee may require the boat inspection anytime before or after the race., and may disqualify the boat in case of discrepancy with rules.

Sailboats will be divided in 3 divisions:
OPEN, regarding Length over all (LOA).
ORC, regarding valid ORC club certificate
IRC, regarding valid IRC certificate
Race comitee will form OPEN division groups depending on number of enries. If group will have less than 3 boats, will be joined to first longer group (bigger Loa).
Race committee will declare the classes prior to skippers meeting:
Sailboats can compete in all 3 divisions (OPEN, ORC, IRC) paralelly.
All sailboats are in competition for Line honors (fastest sailboat in overall)

Trophies will be awarded to first 3 boats in each class, OPEN division.
Trophies will be awarded to first 3 boats in ORC division.
Trophies will be awarded to first 3 boats in IRC division.
Trophies will be awarded to the fastest 3 sailboats overall (line honors) aswell as special JABUKA trophy
Organizers may award additional prizes.

Regatta has advertising category C according to ISAF regulation 20, Advertising Code. The Organizing Authority may require all competitors to display bow decals at first 20% of the hull length.

Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.
Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk.

Tel: 022 445 000; 443 086
fax: 022 445 070; 442 470
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